Would You Like Some Pie?

It kills me to write about myself.

I figured my list on Facebook wasn't very legit and kept thinking of things to add! So I'll keep track of them here, 10 at a time.

  1. I'm a stickler for proper English. "your stupid"... stupid what? (If you didn't get that, don't bother)
  2. I like being a teacher. Out of my generation of cousins, I'm the oldest so I'm always the teacher when played school. Later, I thought being a teacher would be cool because I'd get all the holidays and - if I was an International school teacher, all the benefits too!
  3. The part of my body that I am proudest of is.... my ribcage. Kiddiinnggg hahahaha so anorexic. Actually they're my fingertips/ fingernails. They're so perfectly shaped and curved :D
  4. When I am conversing online, I laugh a lot textually.
  5. Sometimes, when I see something funny online, my mind says, "LOL" as in the letters themselves... ell oh ell.
  6. I just realized recently that my textual laughing could be quite intimidating, actually. Does anyone agree or disagree?
  7. I have a lot of internal conflicts, big and small. e.g., I want to go into advertising, but I don't want to promote materialism. I guess that's an extra thing you learned about me.
  8. I won awards for speech contests...

    ... they were for Chinese school during the weekends, and the other kids can barely speak Cantonese properly.
  9. I don't like talking about myself because I feel it is conceited. Having a blog based on my preferences and me in general is a contradiction. See #7. I feel like an arachnophobia staring at a dead tarantula, waiting for it to come back alive any second now.
  10. I love to organize things. I estimate that I rearrange my room once a month and my closet 4x a year, at least. If I type notes, I want to make sure that I won't be left with a page with only 1/4 filled. That wastes paper!
  11. Bonus, included for next time: I am prone to being environmentally friendly.

Final thing about me.. I am jealous that this walrus can do ballroom dancing. The world is so unfair.

-- written Mar 26

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