Would You Like Some Pie?


The food entry I promised...
I didn't realize how much I loved food until my school had a retarded strike and gave me so much spare time to cook. I've always left that specialty to my chef-wannabe sister, so I didn't have to develop skills in that. I actually follow some food blogs... wait, who am I talking to?? Tangent: Being a Communication Studies major makes me overanalyze these crap. (If you're interested, many forms of texts [any form of media] is directed to an imaginary audience. So if you're reading this, you're a part of my imagination. You don't necessarily exist. MUAHAHAHAHAA). Anywhoooo, FOOD!!!


Real chocolate chips!!!

So I was venturing downtown Toronto on Queen St, and came upon a Fine Foods store. Thought the seester would be interested so we took a look. There was a whole giant stack of different flavoured chips. I don't even remember what the flavours were, because the chocolate chips caught my eye, mind, soul, my complete being. On the package it says "TORTILLA CHIPS (it's a dessert, too!) MADE WITH Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Dutch Cocoa, Sea Salt". It was moderately pricey for a pack of chips, but this is friggin' bitter sweet chocolate chips!!! I bought a pack and started eating it on the subway.

Um yeah I took a bite...

The chips were dusted with fine salt, and the bittersweet chocolate flavour lingered as an aftertaste. It wasn't too salty or too sweet. So perfect. So delicious. It's all natural too, so it's a snack that's good for me! :D Dude, I need to go back soon.

It's on the south side of Queen Street, somewhere West of Bathurst.
>> Product site

Walnut cake
I live in a Korean dominated area where Chinese, Japanese, and Korean restaurants can all be owned by Koreans. Too bad I can't take spicy food, or else I would be quite lucky. Anyway, I was having lunch with my super old great-great-granny friend (hi SC mah mah :P) at - guess what! - a Korean owned Japanese restaurant. Sakura has super good lunch/dinner specials, def recommended.
So, after we were super full from lunch, we peeked into this little store next door which had Korean writing all over the store front. I've always only been around there at night and the store was closed. We saw that the store had machinese making these little things:

SC was very familiar with walnut cakes - having photos of them in a facebook album. She hasn't had them in a long time, so we bought 2 bags, 1 of sweet red bean paste filling and the other with custard. I wondered out loud that they'll probably taste good toasted. She agreed and was up for going back to my place to toast them!! Oh, the things we do for food.

We toasted them in the oven... and they were warm and slightly crispy on the outside, while still a little bit chilled from the cold inside. There were actual pieces of chopped walnut in the batter. Heavenly. There were 20 in each bag; by the end of the afternoon, we finished 1/2 of each already, and with great constraint saved the rest for later. Mmmmm.

>> 11 Spring Garden Ave, North York, Toronto.


I do eat proper meals. But is this entry too wordy? Too much reading for the short attention spanned generation? "Yes," chimed my imaginary audience. Okay, I'll save it for next entry.


  1. Choc chips part was really gross, I can't imagine eating that thing. hahaha, and you know there's this jap sushi restaurant called "sakura" also owned by the gooks! OHEMGEE


  2. They are gross. Totally negates the meaning and symbol of potato chips. Potatoes and chocolate don't mix. Don't breed what you can't handle.

    On a more positive note. I love walnuts in my mouth..I mean walnut cakes.

    You've been lulzed.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. OH. HERE IS a list of my favourite salty-sweet things:
    1) KETTLE CORN - it's crazy addictive because once you have a sweet popcorn, you eat until you find a salty one, then when you find a salty one, you eat until you find a sweet one. YUM!!!!
    2) CHOCOLATE WITH BACON BITS - yeah sounds so disgusting and sketch at first, but then mo gave me a piece and i thought...OMGGG BACON CHOCOLATE FTW!!!!
    3) SALTED CARAMEL HOT CHOCOLATE - the perfect hot chocolate that's not too sweet. i'm gonna make this in CUPCAKE FORM.

    heeheheheh sindy you're funny :D

    i deleted and reposted because there was a typo - and typos irk me.

  5. why sha why?!?!?!?! ure tempting me with so much yummy stuff. *droooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllsssss* baaacooooonnnn


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