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Blogging between Correlations

I hate stats. I don't mind doing math, give me a whole friggin' workbook of problems solving, but don't make me try to analyze something out of nothing. Damn Thesis. Everyone's done school and free to watch Wolverine tmr, but I'll be haunted by my friggin' presentation on Monday.

"Hello, my name is Sindy... my thesis is on bla blabla... and I can't find any results because I tried to wing it and randomly picked a test to use for my research, so now I can not find any significant findings. I know I know, the point is not about finding a result because no result is something too, but it's so friggin' disorienting!! I only know how to find an answer if there is one, okay?? Thank you, it has been my pleasure completing this dissertation. "
Wow, okay. I think I will know how to present if i typed it in a blog! Hennyway, what I wanted to share:

Olympic hopeful discovered on Youtube, contacted on Facebook. - just sounds funny. "It turns out that man cannot live off dunking alone". >>

Trampolining is an Olympic sport?!?!?!?!? >>

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