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Link: Another Cantopop star pulls an Edison

The background info:

Cantopop star Kelvin Kwan Chor-yiu has held his first press conference since returning to Hong Kong after being detained by Japanese police for cannabis possession.

The 25-year-old and fellow Cantopop star Jill Vidal (26) were arrested in Tokyo on February 24 at a busy shopping district. No charges were laid on Kwan but the status of fellow Cantopop star Jill Vidal remains unknown.

While Kwan did not openly admit he consumed the drug, he repeatedly apologised to the Hong Kong public and his fans over the incident. The pair were especially lambasted considering they were once involved in anti-drug campaign in 2007. He also says he will be stepping away form the entertainment industry for an unspecified time.
He is the godson of veteran Alan Tam, and Jill Vidal is signed along with her more successful sister Janice Vidal under retired pop star Leon Lai, married to model Gaile Lok. They have been rumored to be dating for a while.

This is so ridiculous. Hong Kong is a pretty hypocritical society. We all know that people do drugs, have sex, and take inappropriate photos all the time. The tabloid culture just enhances the finger pointing practice. Whatever man.

What I am interested in is his PR move. This is a perfect imitation of what Edison did. Has his statement been successful? or is Mr. Kwan truly being sincere? One of the female celebs involved, Cecilia Cheung, went on an interview to bash Edison's statement in February for being all words and no action. Let's hope Mr. Kwan's PR can learn from Edison's mistakes.

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