Would You Like Some Pie?


"Don't touch my boobs." -- That was all I could think of during that scene.

I've been doing research on director Werner Herzog from the film Grizzly Man, and he has quite an amazing mind. I found out that he remade the horror classic Nosferatu, which was based on the original Dracula novel by Bram Stoker. Oh, I have a mini obsession with vampires. I think it might have begun when I read the original novel when I was 8 (I think it was the abridged version?). That's why I had to read Twilight and watch the shitty movie (it'll get better with more budget). Am currently catching up with True Blood, good show. Well I watched Nosferatu... it was not a good idea to watch it during dinner. There's a scene of dried corpses. 2 whole friggin' minutes. At least I wasn't eating beef jerky... Anyway, the lead actress playing Lucy reminded me of another vampire heroine, Kate Beckinsale. Dark hair, pale skin, with a raspy, deep voice with an European accent. Coincidence or intended casting?

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