Would You Like Some Pie?

Proper Meals

Idea for brunch or snack: scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped with whole wheat toast, fried in parsley and breadcrumbs. Serve immediately!

A Chinese meal.
Clockwise from top left: Shanghai milk-based veggies, stir fried veggies with smoked tofu, meatballs with diced carrots, homemade mildly spicy dipping sauce, crispy fried fish fillet and zucchini with homemade sweet & sour sauce.

Lately I've been on a diet....

KIDDING!!! I will never go on a diet. I have been trying to have less meat and processed foods for dinner just so I can sleep earlier. Naturally, I started having more fiber and lighter meals. I think I've been eating too lightly like a salad eating homosexual, so I started craving for fries...

... so I made some! Problem solved!

Salad with spring mix, tomato, avocado, cucumber with balsalmic vinegar & olive oil dressing, garlic baked potato wedges, and ripe strawberries for dessert.

..... I want a Dufflet cake so badly now. -_-

PS: While searching for Dufflet cake, I stumbled upon this. I have always wanted a ceremony like this:
... complete with groomsmen reenacting Matrix and dancing little girls! Ontario - truly, Yours to Discover.

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