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H1N1 in Hong Kong

Metropark Hotel in Wanchai is sealed off after a Mexican tourist is confirmed to have H1N1

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong confirmed Asia's first case of the new H1N1 flu virus in a Mexican traveler on Friday, prompting authorities to seal off the hotel where the 25-year old man had been staying.

...Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang told reporters the man arrived on a China Eastern flight on Thursday afternoon after a stopover in Shanghai.

He had a fever and went to Ruttonjee Hospital for help on Thursday evening, Tsang said. The Mexican is now in hospital in a stable condition.

... "He didn't leave the hotel (except to go to hospital) because he was feeling sick," Health Minister York Chow told a news conference.

... The affluent financial hub on the south coast of China is widely seen as one of the best-prepared Asian cities to deal with the new H1N1 flu virus, given its experience in handling sporadic outbreaks of H5N1 avian flu, as well as SARS in 2003 which killed 299 people. >>
What is with Hong Kong's luck with animal flus? I'm glad that HK has learned from H5N1 and acclaimed to be the most experienced with how to deal with the situation. I hope this really would control the situation.
My heart still sinks everytime I remember how SARS killed so many people. Even though I was in such proximity to the whole ordeal, my memory of it is very vauge. Classes were suspended, but I don't even remember what I did during that time. My dad would still travel to and from China and completely wanted to shove my sister off when she urged him to wear masks and use sanitizer gels.

Why do I have such terrible memory? It seems like if I don't write it down, nothng is worth remembering. Yet I remember so much trivial info -- my semantic memory (aka encyclopedic memory) is much stronger than my episodic memory (aka autobigraphical memory). Suppression much?

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