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My New York trip is compromised :(

So, after my Eurotrip plans fell through in the midst of swine flu panic, I've been looking forward to my New York trip. My dad is visiting for my convocation end of June, and we planned on going on a short trip to New York while he's in North America. My dad's pretty fearless when it comes to germs - he went on frequent trips between China and Hong Kong at the height of SARS, sometimes without masks and alcohol wipes or antibacterial gels. Swine flu was no biggie in comparison - it's not even airborne. So I've been checking up on ticket prices every once in a while over here and him in Hong Kong to compare prices. (Apparently there's a difference?) His secretary emailed me to check the prices again, because it's cheaper to book locally, so I called my dad that there's a change in price. Then he tells me that maybe we can wait it out a bit to see how the pandemic situation is going.

I'm a bit disappointed... and bummed. Why does it seem like my grad trip plans are falling through? Stupid H1N1. Worst year to graduate ever. x((((((

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