Would You Like Some Pie?

Show yourself!

Today, I met my boyfriend in Hong Kong after being apart for almost 6 months. We got to our room and got right down to business. I was just about to come when a voice came over the PA system in the room. "This is just a fire alarm test, sorry for any inconvenience." FML

Whenever Hong Kong is mentioned, I can't help but think that I might know that person. It seems so narrow minded to think that way, but I've had many times when people all over the world coincidentally knew each other. When you attend international schools, it's a small world after all.


  1. wait...when she says 'got to our room' does she mean HOTEL room? cause if not then..um..what kind of house has a PA system? that's kind of hardcore HAHAHA.

  2. Maybe they're in an office building.


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