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Mind Your Own Business

So many friends have been launching their own online businesses!

First, is Cakexperience.

They've got an excellent gift/activity for celebrations. Their name says it all - if you can't figure it out, let their website explain :)

Second, Elysieme (The name is so purty).

Elysieme sells jeweleries from collections by various designers. All of them are uniquely designed quality products made of sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, and pearls, to name a few. Not your average flea market trinket! and they provide free shipping now! Check it out!

Personally, I've never thought of having my own business, ever. There are many possible reasons why, but I think I've always been a talent/service based person rather than product based. One of the goods I can deliver are custom made cards. I made a whole bunch before I launched my Christmas card project. Here are a few I kept a record of:

Guitar shaped farewell card to a guitar freak. (Dude, do you still have it?!)
(Heavy weight paper, tape, marker)

Popup birthday card based on friends' favourite cartoon series - Happy Tree Friends. The character here is Giggles!
(Construction paper, marker, pencil crayons)

Let me know if you need some custom cards made, maybe I can start up my own business! :D

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