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Dream log: I was a nudist in a band with Natalie Portman

I dreamt that I was a in a five person band, where another member and I were nudists with acoustic guitars covering ourselves, one was Natalie Portman with her head shaved, and one was a drag with eyeliner/false lashes and a hair straightener addiction. The other member was a regular man with a mustache and beard resembling Chris Martin.

I remember we walked to a train station, then climbed onto blue tiered seats on a wall. They were arranged like rocks jabbing out of a mountain with plastic-y coverings and you can only mount them as if rock climbing. With lots of people walking by in winter coats and woolly hats, I suddenly remembered I was nude but didn’t feel cold at all (and I also felt like I was a man). I voiced my amazement out loud, and the drag was curious and thought he might give it a try. The regular man laughed and told him his balls would freeze off. Then I thought – does that mean I’m not a man?

We were at a house gathering where the entire place was packed. The drag had on false lashes and makeup, and had his shoulder length dirty blond hair pulled pin straight. The top front section of hair was pulled back into a high loop and gelled so that it was shiny and smooth as if it was plastic. He was wearing something like a pink bath robe. He was going somewhere – I had a feeling he was leaving for good or for an audition – and we all gave him kisses on both cheeks to wish him good luck. I remember I teased him and pretended to mess up his meticulous hair. He chuckled with watery eyes and returned the kisses. I had a feeling I was going to miss him.

Time: Sunday Evening Nap.

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