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Good medicine is bitter to the mouth

There is a Chinese proverb “foo houw lurng yerk”, which I translate to as good medicine is bitter to the mouth. Whatever is good to you is difficult to swallow. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been popping vitamins and supplements non stop because many of my coworkers were falling ill one by one. Finally, I fell victim to the flu and I have been sick for the past week and had to take 2 days off work. I’ve been having problems swallowing my flu/cold medication, and now I can’t even swallow my usual supplements any more. It became a very conscious effort.

What is good for you is not the easiest to take in. It would be tough; it would get you frustrated; it would make you put your hands up in resignation. As long as you have faith that it is good for you, you would gulp it down – if you still can’t, you would crush it, shoot it, snort it, liquefy it, or do whatever you can to have your body accept it. The problem comes when you’re not certain it’s good for you.

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