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Clever marketing partnership: Michelle Phan aka RiceBunny X Lancome

I just discovered that Michelle Phan, whose blog I followed as she rose to fame through Xanga then her make up tutorial videos, has become the first video make up artist for Lancôme. It almost seems like Lancôme created a position for Michelle. According to her profile on Lancôme, they approached her.

Michelle Phan announcement from Lancome mailing list

I found out from the Lancome mailing list. I watched her first Lancôme makeup tutorial, which is essentially the same format as her usual tutorials, only stamped with Lancôme tags and focused on Lancôme products. What’s interesting is she used a non Lancôme product (Shu Uemura lash curler to be specific). Surprise surprise, both companies are owned by L’Oreal Paris under luxury products.

This news piqued my interest mainly because 1) I’ve followed her blog before her makeup tutorials, 2) her makeup tutorials have reached my non tech-savvy friends, and 3) this is a brilliant marketing strategy.

Michelle has a very established fan base, titled as the #1 Guru on YouTube. She’s well practiced in everything she does – video logging, make up application, and beauty tips in general. All Lancôme had to do was provide products, compensation and they get publicity and more supporters.

From what I gather, Michelle herself as of now only needs to produce one video per month related to Lancôme. Meanwhile she continues to develop her own line of skin care products and other side projects. She receives an excellent addition to her resume, publicity, and makeup! It is a Win-Win situation.

Good job, you go girl! With your years of hard work, you deserve it!

Michelle Phan's profile on Lancome
Michelle Phan's website
Michelle Phan's makeup tutorials on youtube

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  1. Crazy. I remember seeing her videos when she was doing things like using kitty-litter to wash your face because of it's volcanic ash content or something like that. She seemed really humble back then. Now, she's blown up like crazy.

    But there's something a little off with her ways of doing videos recently... I can't quite put my finger on it. Almost seems, elusive.. artificial.. like she purposely adds eye-candy for the guys watching. LoL. Hm... Well, whatever she's doing, she's doing SOMETHING right. Lancôme snatched her up. Good on her, I suppose.


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