Would You Like Some Pie?

A+B=C : Day 1

I have already made one card a few days ago. It took me a while to research and decide on the design. I settled on making a popup Christmas tree for a friend's parents. I went through 3 drafts/failed pieces, but I managed to finish it. It wasn't perfect, but it inspired me to make more.

Today I did some more research, and found the perfect idea.

To include my closest family members, I plan to send cards to all my cousins. Their ages range from mid-30's to almost 1 year old, so the older ones' spouses and younger ones' parents are involved. For the kids, I decided to make a Christmas tree that is DIY -- Decorate-It-Yourself. I was inspired by Martha Stewart's tree card, but that seemed too fragile. My card will only involve cutting one piece of heavy paper, and some folding. I'll send the card flat with instructions on how to prop the card up. Then I'll cut out decorations, put double sided tape behind them, and put it all in one envelope for the kids to decorate, or stick them on for the adults.
Tah dah! I have most of the materials, just need some more glue and glitter. I am set! Will post photos of work progress later.

Fuck, this is a clearer proposal than I could ever draft in school. Good job, Sindy. *pats self on back*

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