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I dream of a Black Paris Hilton and Victoria's Secret models

There's a reason I record down my dreams.

Just today, I was supposed to wake up at 10:30, but I went back to sleep. By the time I woke up at 11:40, I dreamt of Paris Hilton and Beyonce, Victoria's Secret models, and Oprah.

First, I dreamt that I was watching movies with these 2 people I don't know in a bedroom, and we're all just chilling. Then skip ahead a few moments later, I'm in a lingerie store and there stood...

Alessandra Ambrosio. She was looking and picking out some lingerie and turned around when I entered. And then I woke up to the first alarm. (dammit)

It was cold and I didn't have class in a few hours, so I just stayed in my cozy bed for a bit more...

And I dreamt that I was watching TV with le boyfriend in bed (being the lazy bums we are). The room was neither of ours, and there was a TV mounted on the wall/ceiling - those big, chunky ones from the 90s with the black shell and convex front. It was showing Oprah (I never watch Oprah!!), and the stage and background were blue. On the side of the stage stood Beyonce and Paris Hilton, both wearing a red sparkly strapless dress that touches the floor, and a slit up to their thigh... Now that I'm thinking of it again, it's the the Jessica Rabbit dress that Jessica Biel wore on SNL!!

So anyway, not only did I dream of Beyonce and the Herpes Queen, but they were made up to look like each other. Paris'ed-Beyonce was pale, with curly blond hair, and her lips are super thick (just to show that it's still a black woman underneath). I didn't see much of Beyonce'd-Paris because the camera didn't stay on her for long as Paris'ed-Beyonce started singing her dramatic ballads, with the typical arching of the back and holding the mic up in the air like she's a sword swallower ready to inhale that tiny mic.

Dude, are my dreams strange?! One theme is... I'm always in bed...???


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  2. HAHAHAHHAH sindy your dreams are frickin randommmmmmm.

    i just commented as my sister by accident but deleted it HEH.

  3. haha no probs!
    yeah so many weird dreams... i'm gonna write another one down


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