Would You Like Some Pie?

Link: Giant Penis Festival

I shrank the thumbnail because I don't want you guys to be kicked out of libraries or classrooms.


"Hundreds of thousands come together for the world's largest penis festival". Specifically, the Steel Phallus festival in Kawasaki, Japan.
[Pictures show]
old ladies and gay dudes walk around sucking on candy that look like penises.
>> link

I have been fully aware that there is this holiday and a temple exists as well, as well as the numerous jokes my dear friends made. Just interesting to see an image...

PS. Hello Kurodo.


  1. The French have the Eiffel Tower.
    The Canadians have the CN Tower.
    The Americans have the Washington Monument and many more.
    The Japanese have a questionably short erected pink penis with no pubic hair.

    KK no offense. I love your p****.

  2. please guys... keep your erotic dreams to yourselves


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