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Jon Hamm for Sinatra!!!!!!!

Dlisted wrote:

"Everybody thinks Martin [Scorcese] is going to cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Sinatra, because he can't take a doody without Leo in the room. But a source told Page Six that it doesn't seem likely, because Leo looks nothing like Sinatra. According to the source, Marty has narrowed it down to a few names including Johnny Depp and James Franco. Other hos in consideration are Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Connick Jr. , Jon Hamm, Michael Buble, Marky Mark and Justin Timberdouche. YES, Justin Timberdouche! Can I get an extra-large order of WTF?!" (My bolding) >>
My vote goes to Jon Hamm. This man can charm without making a sound! Make sure you're sitting in your chair cuz you'll swoon from staring at that gif for too long.

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  1. Jon Hamm for Sinatra fo SHO!
    Leo for young Don Rickles XD


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