Would You Like Some Pie?

Spring eating!

Old post, forgot to publish!

What's this?Assorted egg based tarts custard tarts and egg based chocolate tarts; topped with pecans, almonds, banana slices, apple wedges, and semi sweet chocolate chunks.

Of course, I didn't do a thing. My sis made it for her dinner party and I got the leftovers :P

Healthy brunch. Going into fish addiction!!

Grilled/pan seared salmon fillet strip on blanched baby spinach. Poached egg on buttered wheat toast.

The salmon was delicious - required absolutely no seasoning. The leftover oil in the pan can be used to sautee mushrooms so they can absorb all the flavour. Mmm fishy fungus. hahaa
I bought a strip of salmon fillet the size of a small keyboard, only having portions the width of a ruler each time. Still, I managed to finish half in 2-3 days before my sis got to it. She resorted to putting a post it on the ziploc box containing last remaining strip, with MINE written in Sharpie.

Also, I planned on making my usual Eggs Benedict but didn't have English muffins. (Tip to yummier muffins: smear butter as usual, but pan fry instead of toasting. Mmmmmm.) I also had to make hollandaise sauce from scratch:

LOL. It works! Hollandaise sauce is based on fat, which you can get from mayo. Just add a dot of mustard and a dash of lemon juice, mix it all together, then you get what I consider "frat boy's" version of hollandaise sauce. It is much more appealing than watching yourself put a fist size amount of butter to mix with the powder form.

Sigh to poor lighting in kitchen + lack of photography knowledge with digital camera. Must ask le BF.
Next: I want to try make fish tacos!

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