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omg shoes

Shoes: This, this, or this?
Here are some sneaky pics:

Candidate #1:

Candidate #2:

Candidate #3

Leaning towards 3 b/c : versatile, comfortable for its height, and easy to slip on w/o annoying unbuckling/rebuckling. I already have a pair of flat gold/metallic sandals that can substitute for gladiators, thus eliminating #1. #2 doesn't seem very versatile; cork + wedge seem a bit too casual. I don't own many heels that feel comfortable enough to walk around in. I think I've made up my mind?

Shopping for me involves so many considerations! That's why I've got so little stuff to switch around in. So I've decided to buy a pair of "seasonal" shoes, instead of only buying things I'm sure I'll wear for 10 years. Later, Miss Granny Chan showed me this:

Watermelon Vans. As Granny said, "I would pay for these shoes if you dare to wear them out." Seems like something Mr. Cow would appreciate. Ridiculous shoes remind me of Mr. Hedgehog's "Bumblebee" sneakers back in high school. Reeboks or Nikes or whatever. Meh guy sneakers. Gonna shop more after my exam!! Got some DIY in mind. Now, have to continue not procrastinating and finish that thesis crap.

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  1. i likey the third one :)
    you know they're opening an aldo in hk!? WAH!!!


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