Would You Like Some Pie?

Wait for me...

Dear sweetest, cutest, most cheerful Isaac with the sneakiest smirk,

Please don't grow up. I haven't seen you crawl or walk around yet. By the time I'm back in Hong Kong, you won't even know who I am. Will you still smile at everyone and let anyone hold you? :'(
I can't tell time any more. I have no idea how old I am or am supposed to act. Catching glimpses of you will remind me how I am less and less a child any more. Growing up is kinda scary. Especially when you don't have many things to remind you how it was like being little. Moving and house renovations cut off memory cues. Thanks to your granny and aunties, I will always feel like a kid when I visit their home. When I see you again, I will make sure I treat you as my baby as your mommy has treated me like her own.

Your big cousin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I intended to just post and show off my uber cute cousin... but I didn't realize how much I missed all my family. If being a cousin feels like this, I can't imagine how mothers feel. These are some of the things I am giving up by trying to be a responsible grownup and finding work away from home. A late Happy Mother's Day to aunties and gran. I'm sorry I can't say it directly because I'm too Chinese like that.


  1. OMG.
    mine. I CALL DIBS!!!!!!!
    lulz you lose.

  2. ha..haha... *defeated laugh* x.x


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