Would You Like Some Pie?


Today is a day of harvest!!

Downtown - went to Urban Outfitter's to wait for my friend, then met her up there instead. I wanted to go on Friday with another friend but forgot and bought a shirt dress at F21. Anyway, bought a loose fit varsity cardigan on sale for twenty dollahs and the famous origami/ geometric dress. You know which I'm talking about?

Considering to return it... a) if I see other people on the street with it. I've seen it on that "bikini girl" from American Idol -_- b) if my friend retrieves a cheaper version across the border next week! Stilllll craving for the watercolour silk skirt and Jefferey Campbell sandals... I need a trip to Buffalo!!

Secondly, while having dinner in Chinatown I bought a whole bunch of Chinese bakery pastries due to lack of opportunity to catch a ride for major grocery shopping... (deep fried curry beef bun, pineapple bun with red bean filling... mmm).

Then later that night my dearest neighbour across the street gave me a whole bunch of mini cakes! Food overload. Then an hour later, le BF happened to be free and needed to go grocery shopping too. So much fooooood! I just stacked everything into the fridge, and 10 minutes later, which is just 2 seconds ago, my sis returned from her neighbour friend with our chairs, and brought cinnamon buns back!! Okay, I'm stocked up for last 2 weeks of school eveeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

PS. tempted to have one of the many pastries for midnight snack...

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  1. me likey your new layout a lot :)
    firstly, YES to the varsity cardigan. SO cute.
    and secondly, i usually make my 'return' decisions based on how often/much i'm going to wear the item. if you bought it for a lot, but you're going to wear often, then it's a keeper. if you bought it for a lot but isn't an everyday basic then it's gots to bes returned.



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