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Japanese stationary

sindy says:

omggg im on the phone with my dad, he's going on foreverrrrrr
cuz i emailed his office abt things i wana get and have him buy in HK and bring over when he visits.. i told his secretary to tell him i wanted japanese stationary. i expected his secretary to tell him and my dad would know what we're talking abt cuz we go stationary shopping together. his secretary helped him get it.. and got us hello kitty stuff. i told him, just for fun.. and now he's lecturing about "doing things correctly" FML FML
Basically, my dad is visiting for my convocation (in 10 days!) and we asked him to buy some stuff we can't/prefer not to get in Canada. My sister and I adore Japanese pens and lead pens/ mechanical pencils/ whatever you prefer to name them -- actually stationary found in HK in general. They work much more efficiently at a much lower price. So whenever we go back to Hong Kong, we stock up near my dad's office which is in an industrial district with tons of offices, so things are even cheaper! So I've been emailing with his secretary back and forth about travel details and things to get, since my dad is semi-computer-illiterate. Here's the email the secretary sent:

Attach the photo for you and (sis) to ref. Is those item interesting by you . each item in 1 pc or 1 pack. Do you/ (sis) need more or which brand you love it - Twin star, Mickey mouse, ..... cat,..... dog you can let me know or send me the image then I can search for you.


Plastic folder

ball point pens, pencils, and rubbers

notebook 001

notebook 002


Miss Secretary, Thank you for being so sweet... but we haven't been in primary school in a long time. FFS I'm graduating from university -_- (And yeah, she calls them rubbers. So Bri'ish)
Dad, please don't lecture me on Communications just because it's my major when you can't even tell off your staff without the adjacent office hearing. Sorry to break this to you, but liberal arts mean jackshit to the commercial world. Don't get your hopes up.

Holy crap I can't believe how ridiculous this is. I guess there are things in my life worth sharing.

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