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Baked Porkchop Rice, Hong Kong style

Another Saturday afternoon, another day of being lazy and not wanting to make a complicated lunch. I had some leftover rice in the fridge and a piece of defrosted porkchop that I needed to eat up soon. I microwaved the rice (brown + white, how healthy!) while I pan fried soy-sauce marinated porkchop.

Since I'm such a picky eater, I made a conscious choice to chop up some vegetables (a handful each of pumpkin and tomatoes). Stir fried the vegetables, stirred in the rice, then mixed in 2 scrambled eggs.

I wanted the charred effect and some sauce for the rice. I planned for tomato sauce as I usually have at Chinese fast food restaurants (char chahn teng s) , but didn't have any... So I popped open the jar of parmesan sauce (Classico Alfredo di Parmi - Four Cheese Parmesan) I've been longing for and plopped it over the rice!I wedged the porkchop vertically in the rice, plopped it in the oven at Low Broil for 5 minutes, and voila! Satisfied my creamy sauce and crispy food cravings.

I even imagined serving this at beach side restaurants and name it the "Shark Attack". Cuz the porkchop looks like a fin sticking out of water. And tomato sauce looks like blood. Or the alfredo sauce looks like wave's white tips. You know? See it? No?

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  1. hiiiii sindyyy. i haven't been here in SOOO long. but i got off work early for once so here i am, back on the internet. um cook for me when you come back in christmas okay? OKAY!!!!


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