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Unicorns of the Sea

My new favourite animal: narwhals.

*posts first 2 pages of Google Image search results*

What an impressive sight.

Males have a spiral tusk that is actually the left incisor growing out of their top lip. What a gruesome idea! Supposedly 1/500 male would have dual tusks too. Tusks are believed to be for mating/ sexual attraction, or for communication. Sometimes their tusks hit each other like fencing (don't think dirty thoughts). The are a threatened species because they only feed on certain prey in the Arctic regions. They are hunted for subsistence - and sometimes their tusks - by Arctic natives. I believe the source is wiki - I googled all this 4 in the morning -_-

Aren't they such magical looking creatures? Reminds me of the beluga whales I've seen at Stanley Park's Aquarium, and of swordfish. Being shortlived in captivity certainly adds to their mystery. You don't hear or read about them much either.

Extra cute: a dad helps his son do a science fair project on narwhals!

Ok that's all for my own science fair report on narwhals. If only I can be this focused doing constructive things...

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