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Harry Potter kidnapped

I dreamt that young Harry Potter was kidnapped while walking next to young Ron Weasley, and I witnessed this right before my eyes, or maybe saw it as a vision or on tv. Then, I was researching this on a computer, and was finding some clues about it, then these 2 people with dark uniforms asked me casually what I found. I knew these 2 were bad guys, so I lied that I only found the usual coverage.

Next, I dreamt of a house which has a lobby that would fill up with fire and demons at nightfall - or was it a town that had this curse? I had a feeling I dreamt of this before, and it was a sequel. It felt like a TVB drama series...
So, a girl who lived at a house in that town was helping a male coworker (who seemed to have feelings for her) move his suitcases in preparation for a trip. They were carrying large empty suicases in black and red and tan and pink and walking on these paved roads in the middle of nowhere... Then suddenly, realizing the sky was getting dark, the girl yelled for the guy to hurry up, then just dumped the empty suitcases down, dragged him by his arm and they ran home. They jumped through the main entrance - which was a gate that was sliding close - as the lobby burst into flames and giant skeletons appeared amidst them, at the same time as the family members of the girl. Then, I dreamt that I was in a bathtub in that house watching the news, which said that a rich heir had gone missing as he was preparing for a trip, whom I assumed to be the male coworker. Then the rest were a blur.

Very strange, elaborate dreams. I think I need to make use of them and write short stories.

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