Would You Like Some Pie?

What a Shame

People on the internet have short attention span. Congratulations on making onto the second sentence even though this post has no pictures nor mentions of celebrities, boobs, or robots! Okay, now it does, but that doesn't really count.
What I'm trying to say is, there are so many other things I am willing to write, but it would drive readers away to never come back. Back in the days of Xanga, I was able to write anything down, even thought my entries tended to be cryptic whether public or protected. I am inspired to divulge here, but of course it depends if I want to share such passionate ramblings on here where my top referral is google search for "black Paris Hilton". I've got a feeling I don't want to.
Because of these many reasons, I've got entries scattered all over different blogs and hosts. I feel like I need to constantly filter myself as I blog. The only time I don't have the need to filter myself is when I blog about food. Food is universal, so intimately comforting yet widely shared. You don't drive with your brakes on -- it's a shame that I'm thinking with brakes on.

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  1. i made it to the end of the second sentence before going off to google for robot celebrities with boobs -_-

    .... but yeah, the internet does

    even look at the type of humor that's most prevalent on the internet (viral/meme humor).. it's always something that can be "got" within 5 seconds..

    look at what gets the most hits.. always viral advertising.. short.. something that can create a self-contained story within 2 minutes..

    rather asking WHY we have to filter to get readers.. why not ask WHY we want to filter to get readers?


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